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Maximizing the Value of Your Utility Data

“The most obvious and immediate benefit of monitoring your utility usage is
the understanding of where your utility dollars are being spent. This data
will provide you the opportunity to reduce your demand charges, reduce power
factor charges, implement energy saving behaviors and procedures, and
identify appropriate equipment upgrade opportunities. These energy saving
opportunities, taken by themselves, are typically sufficient to justify the
investment in utility monitoring. But, the value of monitoring your
utilities (at a sub-meter or circuit breaker level) goes far beyond reducing
your utility costs.

Continuous monitoring of utilities on a circuit breaker and sub-meter level
provides the ability to monitor production activity on an hourly level at
both local and remote manufacturing facilities. Once a circuit (gas,
electric, or air) is monitored, you will be able to also discern its status
at anytime during the past day, week, or month. Not only will you be able
to better understand your equipment usage (production activities), but you
will also be able to setup PM alerts based in anomalies in electrical or air
usage. If electrical or gas usage increases above a certain threshold, you
can choose to receive an alert or exception report to address an issue
before it results in down time. Alarms and alerts also provide invaluable
data to identify water leaks, air leaks, and equipment left on during
down-times or evenings. Once you monitor utilities on a sub-meter or
circuit level (machine by machine) you are able to better understand how
your facility or factory operates”