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Energy Management Solutions Founder Recognized as Energy Patriot

NEW ALBANY, Ind. – U.S. Sen. Richard Lugar has recognized Ed Fancher of Energy Management Solutions LLC as the 30th recipient of the Lugar Energy Patriot Award. Through the Lugar Energy Patriot program, Lugar profiles an Indiana student, professional, scholar or member of the business community each month who has demonstrated leadership and initiative in taking concrete action to improve America’s energy security.

Lugar said Energy Management Solutions’ monitoring and measuring services for commercial and industrial clients benefits Indiana’s economy. Energy Management Solutions provides its clients with a single point of purchase for their energy monitoring needs. The company’s Internet-based data management and reporting software provides advanced tools for analysis, alerts and refrigeration monitoring. Its services include specification of energy and performance monitoring equipment, equipment installation, data management, customized reporting solutions, and assistance with data analysis.

“To be recognized as a Lugar Energy Patriot is one of the highest honors my colleagues and I could receive,” said Fancher, CEO and founder of Energy Management Solutions. “Sen. Lugar has led the way not only in finding means to lower the nation’s dependence on foreign energy but also in encouraging methods to monitor energy usage. Measuring energy is the first step to conserving energy, and conservation is by far the most economical approach for reducing energy expenses. My colleagues and I will continue to provide commercial and industrial users with the ability to see how and where their utility dollars are being spent.”

Fancher’s dedication to energy conservation began in 2007, when his consulting business began analyzing utility data for a large fast food chain, and Fancher noticed that a key tool was missing for the analysis process. A major obstacle for energy data analysis was the intricate, lengthy process of data collection and reporting. Fancher set out to develop an easier way for businesses to obtain information on their utility usage and use the information to make smart choices for their companies.

“Energy Conservation has always been a major factor in the work I’ve done,” said Fancher. “I always keep the long term costs in mind and how that affects business for each client.” As a result, Fancher developed UtilityRecon™, an automated utility monitoring and reporting system, which he markets to businesses of all sizes through his company, Energy Management Solutions, LLC. The promise of UtilityRecon™ is that knowledge is power − or in this case, the ability to use less power. “By making this more accessible and cost-effective to business owners, they can utilize the program and find solutions to conserving their energy,” said Fancher. “It saves time and money, and they are able to do more because UtilityRecon™ makes the entire process more efficient.”

During tough economic times, saving money is important to Hoosier businesses. Fancher’s clients approach him because they want to put money back into their business and fuel economic growth in Indiana communities. “We as a society have two options to meet our increasing energy demands. We can increase our mining and drilling initiatives, while expanding our distribution infrastructures at great expense. Conversely, we can more wisely use our current resources through better management and conservation initiatives,” said Fancher. “Regardless of our ability to develop and more efficiently use alternative energy resources, conservation and management will always be the least expensive and most efficient option for maximizing the value from energy resources.”

After Ed’s team at Energy Management Solutions gathers the consumption data, they then analyze the data and provide recommendations to reduce energy usage and the effects on the surrounding environment. These solutions are put into short and long-term strategies for energy conservation. “Many large industrial and commercial electric consumers are unaware that peak demand charges are often based on a single one-half hour usage while making up as much as 45% of their monthly utility bill. By adjusting when large equipment is operated, the peak demand costs can be reduced significantly each month,” Fancher said. “That’s where the significance comes in. We help identify that peak and make changes by moving certain operations to different shifts or in some cases changing the equipment to something more energy efficient.”

Sometimes solutions are as simple as changing behavioral habits, such as turning appliances off. “A lot of it is just applying common sense solutions. We’re not really developing a new energy generating technology,” said Fancher. “We’re helping our clients to more efficiently utilize the energy currently available and really conserve. We’re defining a smarter use of their current resources.”

Ed Fancher is proving that knowledge is power when it comes to energy savings. His team at Energy Management Solutions is providing the knowledge for businesses in Indiana and across the nation to conserve energy.

The recognition for Energy Management Solutions marks the third time a company or individual associated with the Purdue Research Park network has been recognized as an Energy Patriot. “Sen. Lugar’s work on energy legislation in Washington, D.C., benefits all Americans, and he is well versed in what it takes to develop, improve and strengthen energy sources and technologies,” said Joseph B. Hornett, senior vice president, treasurer and COO of the Purdue Research Foundation. “His knowledge of the energy sector means that recipients of the Lugar Energy Patriot award truly are among the best in the state.”

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