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Energy Management Solutions Participates in the Indiana Innovation Showcase

On July 12, 2011, representatives of Energy Management Solutions, LLC (EMS) participated in the Indiana Innovation Showcase.  The Innovation Showcase was held at the newly renovated Developer Town complex in Northern Indianapolis.  The exhibition was attended by regional venture capitalists, angel investors, business development professionals, and many technology based start-up companies.  The showcase provided each start-up with the opportunity to present their technology.

Ed Fancher, President and CEO of EMS, said, “we are proud to participate in the Innovation Showcase and to be associated with the other technology companies, which are both creating both technologies and jobs for a brighter tomorrow.”

“Energy Management Solutions is a single point source for energy management and monitoring services, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and proprietary software to provide businesses the greatest value for their energy usage. Our advanced proprietary internet-based software solution is versatile, offering solutions for evaluating peak demand charges, sub-metering multi-tenant facilities, monitoring power consumption and status of industrial equipment, and generating user defined alerts. This technology provides business owners the ability to continually monitor their energy usage, at any location in the world from anywhere in the world. The software also generates alerts and exception reports if the energy usage of machinery, lighting, HVAC units, etc., exceeds the thresholds set up by the business.”

Source:  www.energymanagementsolutions.com

“The Innovation Showcase is a venture capital conference for fundable companies to present their business idea.  It showcases over 50 high potential companies in the areas of information technology, alternative energy, life sciences, medical devices, and industrial products, that are commercializing market changing, cutting-edge technologies.  Guests range from a diverse network of more than 300 venture capitalists, angel investors, business executives, and other entrepreneurs.”

Source:  www.theinnovationshowcase.com